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Jekyll Island

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The southernmost island of the Golden Isles, Jekyll Island was purchased in 1886 by a group of wealthy families as a private retreat. By 1900, The Jekyll Island Club membership included the Rockefellers, Morgans, Cranes and Goulds and represented over one-sixth of the world’s wealth. The Club closed in 1942 and Jekyll Island was purchased by the State of Georgia in 1947.

Today, this era of Jekyll Island’s history can be dramatically revisited with a tram tour of the National Historic Landmark District, including many of the opulent mansions their millionaire owners called “cottages”. Jekyll Island offers an abundance of recreational activities that are sure to please visitors of all ages. A variety of amenities including: ten miles of white sand beaches, 63 holes of golf, an outdoor tennis complex, a waterpark, fishing pier, nature centers, 20 miles of bike trails and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center are enough to keep any visitor busy. Accommodations are invitingly varied and include a grand historic hotel, oceanfront properties and even camping. Jekyll Island, once a haven for America’s elite, now beckons to all.

The island will boast three new hotels, an all-new beachfront convention center (with more than 78,000 square feet of function space), a beautifully redesigned gateway corridor to the island, a beach village shopping and dining district and many more enhancements. Owned by the State of Georgia and managed by the Jekyll Island Authority, the island’s development is limited to just 35 percent of the available land area to preserve the critical barrier island ecosystem. Great lengths have been taken to honor this ratio while the highly anticipated revitalization of Jekyll Island moves forward.

Five things to do on Jekyll Island.

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Photos of various locations on Jekyll Island, Georgia.

Beach 9Beach 8Beach 7Beach 6Walking on the beach 2Bikes at beach accessWalking on the beachSand Dunes 4Sand Dunes 3Sand Dunes 2Sand Dunes 1Birding/Nature Festival 32Birding/Nature Festival 23Birding/Nature Festival 22Birding/Nature Festival 20Birding/Nature Festival 14Birding/Nature Festival 9Birding/Nature Festival 6Birding/Nature Festival 5Birding/Nature Festival 3Clam Creek 17Clam Creek 16Clam Creek 15Clam Creek 14Clam Creek 13Clam Creek 12Clam Creek 11Clam Creek 10Clam Creek 9Clam Creek 8Clam Creek 7Clam Creek 6Clam Creek 5Clam Creek 4Clam Creek 3Clam Creek 2Clam Creek 1Christmas Tree Lighting 6Christmas Tree Lighting 5Christmas Tree Lighting 3Christmas Tree Lighting 2Christmas Tree Lighting 1Driftwood Beach 12Driftwood Beach 11Driftwood Beach 10Driftwood Beach 9Driftwood Beach 8Driftwood Beach 7Driftwood Beach 6Driftwood Beach 5Driftwood Beach 4Driftwood Beach 3Driftwood Beach 2Driftwood Beach 1GA Sea Turtle Cntr 18GA Sea Turtle Cntr 17GA Sea Turtle Cntr 16GA Sea Turtle Cntr 15GA Sea Turtle Cntr 14GA Sea Turtle Cntr 13GA Sea Turtle Cntr 12GA Sea Turtle Cntr 11GA Sea Turtle Cntr 10GA Sea Turtle Cntr 9GA Sea Turtle Cntr 8GA Sea Turtle Cntr 7GA Sea Turtle Cntr 6GA Sea Turtle Cntr 5GA Sea Turtle Cntr 4GA Sea Turtle Cntr 3GA Sea Turtle Cntr 2GA Sea Turtle Cntr 1Horton House 7Horton House 6Horton House 5Horton House 4Horton House 3Horton House 2Horton House 1Jekyll Island Causeway 1Jekyll Island Causeway 2Jekyll Island Causeway 3Jekyll Island Causeway 4Jekyll Island Causeway 5Jekyll Island Causeway 6Jekyll Marina 4Jekyll Marina 3Jekyll Marina 2Jekyll Marina 1Jekyll Island Scenery 1Jekyll Island Scenery 2Jekyll Island Scenery 3Jekyll Island Scenery 4Jekyll Island Scenery 5Jekyll Island Scenery 6Jekyll Island Scenery 7Jekyll Island Scenery 8Sea Oats 1Sea Oats 2Sea Oats 3Sea Oats 4Summer Waves 3 - Jekyll IslandSummer Waves 2 - Jekyll IslandSummer Waves 1 - Jekyll IslandGreat Dunes Park Pavilion - Jekyll IslandGreat Dunes Park - Jekyll IslandGreat Dunes Park sidewalk - Jekyll Island